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Wisdom is a new philosophy ideology represents in-depth knowledge about human and everything around and the ability to act wisely in all circumstances to achieve best results with least cost and energy. Wisdom also has the meaning of brightness of mind and the ability to quickly come to awareness of right-wrong aspects, and control one’s own feeling and attitude in the principle that knowledge will decide actions.

Wisdom is an honest - generous living style and not damaging any values while striving for new heights of life. In a simpler term, Wisdom is a harmonious living style which is good for both oneself and others, not just today but also for the future, is the effort to build one’s life based on objective thinking and not influenced by historic remains, not arrogant, despise, or dictate. Living in a way that we are deserved for – that is the Wisdom way of living.

Letter W in the middle is designed to represent 2 opening books, with the color blue represents peace and the purple represents faithfulness, which also look like a flying bird, with a meaning: The school is a place to open and nurture the souls, helps students to gain the new knowledge, and helpsthem to fly high and far to all horizons, but wherever and at any position, they can represent the aspiration of peace and faithfulness, and lead to the Wisdom.

Striving toward Wisdom is the mission of our school, and this is the reason why we choose it for our school’s name – WISDOM - MINH TRIET.

Japanese International School

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The school periodically organizes the programs of free teaching & talk for all pupils, students and those who have expectations:

a) Learning the advanced academic skills such as reading faster, using mind map and memory training methods.
b) Listening and talking to parents about the early education, Japanese education, Montessori- Shichida methods and how to help your child succeed.
c) Learning "The skills about prevention and mitigation of disasters"

Please register to the email: and state the contents in need.