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Japanese International School, located on To Huu in Ha Dong ward, was designed by Japanese architects. Being a developed and modern country, Japan is also famous for preserving national traditions and environmental protection; the country has an education that combines modern and traditional characteristics and admired by the whole world in terms of education. The architects are the persons who have much experience in school design and take the lead in green architecture, energy saving under the trend of modern architecture in order to reduce greenhouse gas, contribute to minimize climate changes, however, the most important thing is to bring green space for students (the benefits of green space for children). In the "Flying Dragon" position, the school is covered by the green of flowers and trees from surrounding walls, schoolyard to the roof of the buildings. Modern and advanced technology in school and entertainment tools of Japan is installed to serve the teaching, learning and entertainment. The school has full facilities for comprehensive development of each student: A large library, modern classrooms and halls, science labs, music classrooms with mainstream instruments (such as piano, guitar, and other instruments), drawing classrooms, multipurpose arena, heated swimming pool, mini stadiums, rooms for training housework such as cooking and sewing, etc. The Kindergarten classes have private pools, indoor and outdoor playground, classrooms in compliance with Japan’s standards of study and education, including Japan’s school and entertainment tools. Furthermore, the school has a modern hob, clean and sanitary dining room for the students.

Cameras are placed in kindergarten classes, entertainment areas and regularly connected on the internet so that parents may monitor their children's learning at school.

Specially, the school has a community education center on disaster prevention and mitigation, environmental protection sponsored by the organization of Japan International Cooperation. All students and community are accessible to the center to receive the documents for studying and improving knowledge about disaster prevention and mitigation, environmental protection under the guidance of professional staffs and students in the school.

Some images about facilities of school:

  • Library and the large reading room
  • Science labs
  • Computer room
  • Multi-purpose classrooms
  • Multi-purpose arena ( volleyball, basketball, badminton, chess, chinese chess, etc)
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Mini Stadium
  • Drawing classrooms
  • Piano, guitar and other instruments classrooms
  • Cooking classroom
  • Sewing classrooms for schoolgirls
  • Community Education Centre on disaster mitigation and prevention.
  • Wireless Network System

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The school periodically organizes the programs of free teaching & talk for all pupils, students and those who have expectations:

a) Learning the advanced academic skills such as reading faster, using mind map and memory training methods.
b) Listening and talking to parents about the early education, Japanese education, Montessori- Shichida methods and how to help your child succeed.
c) Learning "The skills about prevention and mitigation of disasters"

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